Learning to Transfer Photo Styles using Deep Learning (using FloydHub)



Status: approved Member: Arivoli T Type: Workshop Estimated size: 60 Info URL: https://www.meetup.com/datariders/events/237836216/ Contact: Arivoli Tirouvingadame, 510 366 2763 Rooms: Large Event Room

Details: Style transfer is the process of applying the look and feel of one image to another. In this hands-on workshop, we'll implement and train models to do photo-realistic style transfer using deep learning 1. We will use the Torch framework and FloydHub for training. More details coming soon!

Biographies: Sai Soundararaj: Sai is a co-founder at FloydHub, a YCombinator '17 startup building a "Heroku for Deep Learning". Prior to that, he was a Senior Scientist at Bing, Microsoft, where he led deep learning research efforts. He graduated from the Stanford AI Lab in '10 and was advised by Andrew Ng.

Naren Thiagarajan: Naren is also a co-founder at FloydHub. He was the Director of Engineering at Location Labs and Avast till '16. Before that, Naren was part of the Stanford Systems lab and was advised by Dan Boneh.

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