Monthly meeting Dec 2017 - Deep learning using Tensorflow



Status: approved Member: Sridevi P Type: Meetup Estimated size: 40 Contact: Sridevi, 9402068968 Rooms: Classroom

Details: Abstract: Tensorflow is a very popular Python module for deep learning, which has revolutionized the way we program deep learning using simple building blocks. At its heart, Tensorflow is a numerical computing library such as numpy and scipy. Tensorflow follows a graph processing approach unlike numpy and scipy that perform immediate computation. In this tutorial, we will first learn the fundamentals of Tensorflow, its philosophy, basic functions and finally solve a simple computational problem. Then we will learn to program a deep learning Convolution Neural Network (CNN). We will also discuss the upcoming deep learning course that Ravi will start teaching at the UCSC Extension in Santa Clara starting from Jan 22nd, 2018.