KyberNetwork and Balanc3



Status: approved Member: Christian Peel Type: Meetup Estimated size: 45 Info URL: Rooms: Large Event Room

Details: We're happy to have an unusual mid-week event with Loi Luu on KyberNetwork and Griffin Anderson on Balanc3.

From Loi: KyberNetwork is a new decentralized exchange of digital assets that focuses on both security and usability. Trades on Kyber Network happen almost instantly, with ultimate security and guaranteed liquidity. We also provide rich payment APIs and a seamless way for other decentralized apps to integrate with Kyber Network for payment and exchange functions.

From Balanc3: We’ve built a flexible set of utilities to monitor on-chain transactions and transform that data into the traditional accounting formats needed for reporting and compliance. The resulting technology is a user-friendly bridge between the token world and traditional accounting systems.