Ethereum meetup pitch night



Status: approved Member: Christian Peel Type: Meetup Estimated size: 55 Info URL: Rooms: Large Event Room

Details: We are happy to have a pitch night at which you can pitch an Ethereum-based organization or startup. Use the form in [1] to share your name, contact info for us to get in touch with you, link to the slides that you'd like to use, and finally a description of what you'd like to pitch. Each presenter will get four minutes to present, then two minutes for Q&A. Please do not include anything that you don't want made public. If we get ten submissions or less, we will host all; if we get too many people interested, we will take the first ten to submit a full application (including a link to slides).

Please see past pitch events from 2016, from April, and from July for context as described at [1]. Igor Barinov pitched versions of in 2016 and in April. James Poole pitched DA Capital, then later gave a longer presentation on it to us. Other pitches were for a quantum-resistant ledger, esports team Aether United, and more. There is no requirement for you to have smart contracts written or a full business model; we'd love to hear from you.