Not Your Father's Meteorology



Status: approved Member: James Mcginn Type: Meetup Estimated size: 20 Info URL: Contact: James McGinn, 408 816-0967 Rooms: Classroom

Details: This meetup is for anybody who has wondered why we have to sit on our hands and watch as a hurricane destroys a major city, and who subsequently went looking (even if only just to surf the internet) to get a better understanding of the science on storms and came away from the experience unsatisfied or even confused.

Notes: This event is free. Please have read the following post that can be found at the Thunderbolts Forum: The 'Missing Link' of Meteorology's Theory of Storms by James McGinn and/or Did you hear the one about the guy that goes to buy a suit? by James McGinn and/or Isaac Newton was a human being By James McGinn