The Governor’s Mansion


16TH St. and H St

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Saturday, May 20, 2017 from noon-3pm
Join us in Sacramento on May 20 as we rally and march to tell Governor Jerry Brown and other California Elected officials to stop taking dirty oil money and to prioritize public health over profits. There will be buses heading up from the Bay Area, click on the transportation link on the website for more details. HERE'S WHY: In the last 10 years, the oil industry has spent over $266 Million influencing California legislators and policy. This spending has allowed them to prevent the passing of meaningful legislation that would limit their ability to drill and pollute. After the state of California performed independent studies, found results on the toxicity of oil operations, and made strong recommendations to protect public health, our legislators instead protected the oil industries and left the public vulnerable to toxic exposure. We need champions looking out for our communities, not for the profits of the oil industry. Until the flow of money into our democracy and the control of lobbyists stops or is seriously curtailed, nothing is going to change. Governor Brown and California’s elected officials: stop taking money from the oil industry and prioritize public health and safety over oil industry profits.